Johno & Horace
This page was last updated on: June 30, 2012
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This is Johno who arrived on 24th November 2002

Johno's elderly owner had collapsed and Johno would not leave his side. The owner was taken to a home & Johno being quite old at 13 was facing a grim future.

Most councils euphanase older Dogs as they are hard to home.

Luckily for Johno I was contacted & asked to take him in as the owners family did not want him. Johno was "entire" and had to be seen to which they said they would pay for, but didn't !

Johno is more than a bit upset as he had lived with his owner for over 13 years and does not appear to have been on a lead before, and is very snappy when handled round the collar area.

Jonno was very nervous on approach & growls quite a bit. He did take a while to settle down, but is now very affectionate although he does have a sight problem, mistaking everyday household objects for lamp posts - if you follow my drift !

6 months on, Johno is now good friends with Monty & Judy and he enjoys exploring the yard & fields


Horace arrived at the beginning of July 2005, as you may have read on the latest news page he had not only been thrown out of his previous home, but had been tied up in a bag & thrown in a river!

Horace is virtually blind, having advanced cateracts in both eyes & he is also quite deaf !

It will take him a while to settle down and to learn where everything is.

Here he is taking a well earned nap on a curled up on a cushion

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