Monty, Judy & Maddie
Monty & Judy were my first two rescues, They came from K9 Care originally in Harlow, Essex. They were found roaming the streets of Harlow about 9 years ago & have been with me ever since.

Monty's nickname is "Grubmeister" as he can always be found grubbing about somewhere. He is a real character & a master at delivering the "silent trump" & then blaming Judy.

...And then there were three
When I moved house I had to put Monty & Judy into Kennels, (K9 Care) for two days. In that time they made friends with a homeless lurcher called Maddie & refused to leave without her.
Maddie's previous owners were not able to put up with her as she is very boisterous. After 12 years of careful training she has made no progress whatseover!
Maddie & Judy
This page was last updated on: June 30, 2012
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Unknown to Judy, Maddie has recently installed warp drive
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Monty grubbing in the January '03 snow
Here is a picture of Judy snapped by Sanctuary supporter 'ShazzaD' at the Open Day in June 2006

Judy has been with us now since 1993 & is doing very well