My name is Bella and I like to wriggle about upside down on the floor making noises for no apparent reason!
My name is Sasha, I am very gentle
My name is Simon & I am in charge
My name is Tess and I am unable to sit still - even for one minute !
My name is Molly, I used to be kept in a garage until I was rescued
My name is Sam, I am blind. I am having a nice time here
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ALL the Dogs live with us in the House

Not All Dog Pics Uploaded Yet !

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My name is Dasha & I was facing the needle in a Dog pound before I was rescued
My name is Cassie & I was at the same Dog Pound as Dasha
You can Sponsor any or all of these Doggies from as little as £2 a month !

Every penny will go towards their feed costs

Please e mail me if you want to help, or refer to this link here

We are now able to source a Dog Food which comes in a 17 KG sack & we can just about feed everyone with one sack (excluding special needs cases)

So if you would like to join the Sanctuary to help, by donating £7.74 a month YOU will be feeding all these rescues for a whole day !
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Hello I'm Amber
Hello, I'm called Pudding
Hello, I'm Lassie and I am blind. I feel like I have come home at last
My name is Paris
I'm Buddy
I'm Patch the JRX
Hello, I am Snowy
I'm Sheba !
I'm Tessy !
My name is Putin - short for Rasputin !
I am Vasha, I am friends with Hope
I'm Meg & I couldn't walk when I came here, but now I can
My name is Masha
I'm Poppy & I am trouble
Hello, my name is Looby Lou Bell
I'm Poppy & I am epeleptic, but it isn't my fault
Hello, I'm Annushka & I am a Princess
I'm Pickles & I like jumping in the bath!
I'm Sadie & I'm deaf !!
My name is Hector & I live in the House !
I'm Dusty
I am Lyla the Mastiff
I'm Lily !
My name is Rusalka
I'm Tatiana Titch !
I'm Violet
I'm Jemimah & I was used for baiting :0(
My name is LuLu
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