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Charity Dog Walk Day - 27th April 2008
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Despite the weather forecast it was actually quite a nice day !
Previous Dog Walk Pictures are HERE
We arrived at St Lawrence Church at around Noon and broke out the biscuits...

..which the Dogs ate.
Bruce has done amazingly well since arriving here and this is the 2nd organised Dog walk he has been on. He is very gentle and enjoyed meeting his new friends.

Denise's children were both quite concerned when we had to cross a small wooden bridge on the way as they were convinced the Troll who lives undeneath it would come out - but Bruce had words & ensured that no-one was troubled.
Cassie is one of six German Shepherds living at the Sanctuary. She managed the walk without any bother.

...the same was not true for her friend Tessy as you can see below
Oh dear Tess !! - How tired are you?  Tessy was too excited at the begining & used all her energy up. On the way back she had to be carried for some of the way !
Here are Tallulah, Katie. Maddie, Amber & Mutley waiting for the tap to go on at the half way point.
There were not enough people this time to take all the rescued Dogs that are able to walk such a distance out. If you would like to join in for May's walk please let us know. The next one will be Sunday May 25th at 11 am. We ask for a £10 donation per person which will go towards feeding the rescued animals.

A lunch of baked potatoes & curry/beans is provided on return to HQ