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Charity Dog Walk Day - October 21st 2007
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We had an idea that people might welcome the opportunity to take some of the rescued dogs for a walk in the countryside ! - We were right !

Today was the inaugural Charity Dog Walking session, and the weather was fantastic. Quite a few people responded to the initial advert going out at the office where Martin works & also some people spotted it mentioned on the latest news page.

The Dogs knew something was up as we only normally take 2 out at a time & when quite a few of them found leads being attached to collars - well - it got very exciting.  Clearly not all the Dogs are capable of walking for 5 miles, but quite a few wanted to at least try !

And so it was that Teddy, SashaCassieBeanieJudyAmberMutleyMaddie and Katie found themselves heading up the bridle way with, two new friends - Bella the Labrador & Poppy the Bichon Frise who had come over for the day with their owners - along with Gill, Alex, Nicola, Darren, Sarah & her Mum, Rachel, Denise, her toddlers & her Dad, Divina & Martin who were walking them (or being walked!) 
At the half way point, Fiona met us with refreshments at St Lawrence Church.

It was clear that Beanie and Sasha had had enough ! So they decided to take the car home with Fiona. Fiona had brought Simon with her, so he did the return leg !
Foreground - Nicola with Mutley, Gill with Judy, Alex with Katie, Sarah & her Mum with Amber & Teddy, Divina with Maddie & Darren with Cassie

Background - Denise & her family !
Simon checks out the advance party on the return leg before setting off at a gallop !
The walk was through some very pleasant countryside & miles away from busy roads, But we kept all the dogs on their leads as this was the first time they had all been out in such a group before.

The two visiting dogs were allowed off their leads - Bella the Labrador is used to long walks & Poppy the Bichon Frise refuses to walk if kept on a lead! - Although she was the smallest dog by far, resembling a small ball of white fluff on legs, everyone was amazed at how fit she was & how well she did!
Heading for home back down the bridle way - even Judy was feeling tired and asked Darren for a lift !

See below for close up
About half a mile to go at this point !
Arriving back at home, Fiona and her Mum had laid on a spot of lunch with Baked Potatoes, Curry, Chilli & Beans.
Fiona, Divina, Sarah and her Mum with Bella the Chocolate Lab in the foreground
L-R Nicola, Darren, Gill, Alex, Divina, Little Percy, Fat Dog, Percy & Fiona

Dogs on the ground - Bella 2, Mutley & Tara

(Bella 2 & Tara didn't go as they are too old to walk that far)
So far the day raised £155 with some more sponsorship to collect in !! This is great news for the animals !

If you would be interested in coming on a walk later in the year, please let me know - all being well we are thinking of doing another Dog walking day in December.

A big thank you to all who came along and also to everyone who sponsored the event. Martin is going to ask his company (The Bank of New York Mellon - well not actually his company - but you know what I mean..) to match what has been raised, as this is a facility that they offer whereby each member of staff can raise funds for charity once a year & they will double what has been raised up to a max of £250 - so it is a great opportunity to turn £250 into £500 for the animals !

If you want to pledge sponsorship retrospectively for this event, please send me a mail on the link below.
Maddie crashes out in an armchair following the days exertion !

Whilst Hettie investates under her chair.
Some of you may have noticed Percy in one of the above pictures.

Did Percy go on the walk? - Who is fat Dog? - Just who is Little Percy?

You'll just have to wait until the full terrifying story is published !

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