It never gets any easier at the Sanctuary and so if you would like to help through sponsorship of Dandelion, or any of the other rescued animals. please do get in touch. We have lost more supporters again last month as a result of the economy, but of course we cannot stop feeding and caring for the animals. So if you can spare even a pound a month please get in touch or see the details of what to do HERE

Please remember that ALL your donation goes towards the feed costs & nothing is deducted to cover admin or salaries or any other expense

Thank you
This page was last updated on: June 30, 2012
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Dandelion the Sheep
Dandelion arrived today (1st June) in the pouring rain...

She had been living at a farm in Burnham where the farmer had explained to her owners that she would be able to graze for the rest of her life. However a few weeks ago, he changed his mind & told them that she must go.

Fiona was contacted...
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Here she is with Marney (sitting) in the stables with Charity the Horse looking on.

Charity only eats haylage* & she drops bits on the floor as she eats which Marney then eats up! - They make a good team

* + two buckets of hard feed a day !
Marney takes her new friend Dandelion  outside to meet some of her friends and Twinkle & Gwilliam the ponies