Indoor Cats
My first rescued cat was "Sumi" who came from a cattery near Ongar in Essex called "The Warren". She was a very timid cat spending the first 3 weeks living behind a settee. She is still with me today & although she is one of the "house cats" she does venture outside on odd occasions. (-solar eclipses etc !)
Captain Pickles is another of the house cats. His owners moved away & left him with their vet to re-home. He is a big cat & usually sits with his paws crossed. When he arrived (about 4 years ago) he immediately dissapeared. I found him hiding under the duvet in the spare bedroom - where he stayed for 3 months - coming out only to eat & thankfully to use the litter!

Again, the "Captain" started off in the house, but now spends most of the time outside where he hangs around with Bill ...& a few other mates

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"Miss Chevious" is a real "mouser". Fortunately this mouse appears to be attached to an old lap-top!
Captain Pickles & Bill regularly enjoy reinacting scenes from the epic "Clash of the Titans". Here Captain Pickles takes the part of the "Kraken"
New Arrival Chloe coming to terms with her new surroundings
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The defeated "Kraken"
This is Chloe who arrived in October 2002. She is one of 4 cats from Brentwood, but three remain "at large" awaiting capture ! (they are a bit feral). Chloe is getting used to the other cats & pressing these barbells to keep fit.

Chloe has now moved outside (June '03) & here she is enjoing the recent weather
Sooty, Barney, Bean & Bod were all abandoned in a house when the owner got a job up North !  I was contacted to see if I would take them.

Bean & Bod moved outside & live in the feed store & one of the workshops & Sooty (18) & Barney (15) live in the house. Sooty is a very tiny cat & I though I was going to loose him when he arrived as he wasn't very well. But he has pulled through & enjoying himself now. Barney sits with his tongue out all day long & thankfully both he & Sooty know what the litter is for !! - Update (June '03) - Correction, both now prefer the hall carpet

Here is Saracen ! Saracen is a big Bengal Cat & arrived here in Feb ('03). Unfortunately Saracen had an accident that has left him inconitent of urine. He is a special & very affectionate cat & loves to push his face against yours ! He is looking forward to going outside for the first time, which will be early April. (Updated in June - Saracen is now living outside & loves it - he met lots of people at the open day)

Sumi is a difficult house cat, in that she is easily confused. For example in a recent test she repeatidly failed to correctly identifty the clean cat litter, mistaking it for the mat by the door, several cushions, and the carpet next to the television !
Bill was homed from a flat in Tottenham, London where his owners could not keep him. He was about 4 weeks old when he came the sanctuary where he has now lived for some 5 years. He started off as a house cat, but prefers the outside most of the time. He comes in for a few hours each evening to steal the inside cats food & to pose for photographs !
Miss Chevious was living at the house when I moved here in '96. She is about 18 now and spends about 50% of her time in the house. Like Sumi above she is observationally challenged when it comes to using the Cat litter !
Chloe was being fostered by a large animal charity for some time, however because she was labelled as being "too hard" to home (due to her missing leg) she was deemed to be a waste of funding & so was facing the needle.
I received a desperate call from a concerned volunteer worker & was asked whether I would be able to offer Chloe a home for life....
Here is Sooty
Barney often studies his reflection in the video cabinet  from a number of unusual angles
Update: Feb '05
It is with great sadness that I have to report that Captain Pickles passed away at the end of January after a short illness. The vet said he thought he was about 17 years old. It is sp sad not to see him in his place on the back of the chair, but I have to think about the years he had here as he was destined to have been put to sleep before I said I would take him & that was about 4 years ago. We all really miss you Pickles xxx
Here is Jasmine the blind 18 year old Cat who arrived in July '07 (see Latest News Page entry 10th July 2007)

Jasmine, like so many old cats had been taken to the vets to be put to sleep as, well she was old & blind & well - who wants an old blind cat eh? - People can be so lovely sometimes can't they.

Jasmine would love you to be her first sponsor - just a £1 a month will be a help

Please mail me if you want to help Jasmine or any of the other animals
Here is Squeak (see Latest News Page entry 14th July 2007)

Squeak was quite timid at first spending the first 5 days hiding under an armchair - where this picture was taken in fact!

A week on, she has moved to sleep in the chair itself, rather than underneath it. She enjoys crisps very much - as well as her more traditional cat food!

Please mail me if you want to help Squeak or any of the other animals