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I care for 46 of these! - Don't worry only about 4/5 live in the house. The rest have come to me as either "feral" or "used to living outside".  The vast majority of the "outside" cats actually live in the stable blocks or in the hay/straw stores - where as you can imagine they have ideal environment.
All of the cats are either speyed or neutered before they take up residence at the sanctuary - there are so many un-homed cats & kittens out there it is really important to ensure that we do not add to the problem.
The cats have come from a variety of sources, the RSPCA have homed many with me, as have the Celia Hammond Trust. I tend to get the cats that are difficult to re-home, blind cats are almost impossible to home. Deaf cats are not much easier & the number of older cats that get thrown out is appalling. Also cats with disabilities like Chloe on the right are hard to home and many are out to sleep simply because they are unlucky enough to be on the "too hard to re-home" list.

Some of the little chaps are in a terrible state when they arrive and it can take a very long time for them to be healthy enough to be released down the stables to join the main "outside cat" gang
"Are you going to open these tins or what?"
This page was last updated on: June 30, 2012
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Blind, but enjoying a nap in
the sun
Chloe only has 3 legs
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