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CT goes out !
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CT (Crystal Tips) was saved from slaughter last year and lived in the house whilst she was being had reared. You can see how small she was at this link here

Since then, CT has lived in a stable awaiting the day she was big enough to move in with the other large Pigs. The day finally came and Tony who has been doing a lot of building work at the Sanctuary recently (Pig Fencing, Dog proof fencing & stable repairs etc) offered to move her in his trailer.

We decided CT should move in with Percy Pig as he is in a field on his own as the other Large White Pigs all picked on him. Moving CT across the road has to be done in a suitable trailer as the road is far too busy to do anything else - and as we were about to find out, CT only goes where CT wants to go !
As it happened, on Sunday we had 2 helpers over who were helping Martin muck out some of the stables when Tony arrived with his trailer. It took about 20 minutes to load CT, as she was not keen & can lift the gates we were using to guide her with her nose - even when a man is standing on them too !
Finally, the back of the trailer was lowered over the fence and with some encouragement, CT walked down the ramp into the field.
You can just see Percy inside his house - he didn't know what to make of CT & refused to come out !
CT explores her new paddock !

Percy made an appearance later on & there was no fighting. This is always a worry with Pigs as they can sometimes cause considerable damage to each other when being introduced.
CT has not yet made it inside Percy's house, but we think it will not be long before he lets her in !

It's so nice to see her finally out in a field doing what Pigs like to do best.

The Loch Lomond Pigs are still continuing to have litters - the last one was about a week ago. As soon as we are sure no further females will be giving birth the Vets will come to neuter all the boys & then we can start to move them into the paddocks which Tony has been preparing.

CT has no sponsors and so if you would like to sponsor her, please do get in touch, or simply complete the standing order on this page & post it to us (details on the form). Every penny will go towards the feed costs of the rescued animals.

You can send a donation by PayPal too to fiona@towerhillstables.com

Thank you