Even though this has been a terrible week at the Sanctuary with Fiona being so ill and the heartache of having to miss the Marathon she has been in training for 6 months to run, the work does not cease and the telephone does not stop ringing.

On Wednesday 3rd November Fiona received a desperate telephone call from a re-homer frantically trying to find a place for 2 ponies - one blind and her 'seeing' companion. The pair are inseparable and the tiny one relies totally on her companion for directions and security. Another complication to finding a home for them was that the seeing companion, a little grey mare, is heavily in foal. Time had just about run out for the pair and, as a last desperate resort, the contact trying to find a home for this bewildered little pair telephoned Fiona.

I cannot say that Fiona said 'yes' without serious worries and trepidations but she was frightened for what might happen to the little ponies if she had not stepped in. They might have been separated, which would have been a disaster but, knowing the current situation for animals, this could well have been the best of an awful lot worse set of outcomes for them.

Fiona decided that we must step in to help them and therefore sent our local, trusted transporter to fetch them this morning. They arrived safely this lunchtime and Fiona put them into our extra grazing field in Tillingham with William, Joe, Poppy and Twinkle - all very friendly and gentle horses - and the sheep. The little blind pony was obviously very nervous and found it hard to dismount the lorry as it was a new and strange experience for her but, with the help of her trusted companion, they managed it together and were led over to the field to their begin their new, secure and safe life amongst the other members of the 'gang' who already reside there.

The current residents, including the sheep, came over to say hello and there was even a bit of running about and bucking and kicking from all parties, then came the serious business of tucking into short-feed, carrots, hay and, of course, the grass.

The Sanctuary was these ponies absolute last hope of finding a home but we know the road ahead to keep them safe and secure is a rocky one. With massive price rises in the feed and hay bills and Sanctuary support dwindling due to people finding things financially difficult themselves, it is going to be really hard to continue. We had to help them though. Not only for the sake of the ponies but also for the unborn foal still inside it's Mum. Imagine her going to slaughter so heavily pregnant, it just does not bear thinking about.

If you feel you would like to sponsor either of these little chaps please get in touch - even £1 a month would help and be really appreciated.

The two ponies we rescued today do not have names. If you feel you would like to name one of them please get in touch. Perhaps you would like to give one of them a name in memory of a loved one you have lost or have just seen the pictures of them and a name has sprung into mind. Whatever the reason the decision is up to you.

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the grey on the left is in foal and will not leave the side of the little blind pony who she cares for & acts as her eyes
If you would like to make a donation to help with the costs of this rescue and to help with the ongoing care of the little blind Pony and her friend who is soon to be a Mum please consider making a donation to the Sanctuary.

This is not a business, so nothing gets deducted to cover salaries, admin or any other expense, 100% of the donations go towards the feed costs and in this case the rescue costs (which were £80 for the Horse Transporter who did it for diesel only for which we were very grateful)

You can donate by Paypal on ths special buttons on this page which will reference "the little blind Pony" or if you prefer you can send a cheque payable to Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary to:

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If you would like to sponsor the little blind pony and or her friend, or any of the other rescues on a monthly basis, see this link HERE for the details of how to print a Standing Order form, or to simply use the Sanctuary bank details to set one up online - if you have internet banking - No amount is too small, & every pound will really make a difference.

Thank You !