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Beanie was a desperate case at the dog pound as he was not only old, but not neutered. It is harder for the old ones to find a home & particularly if it is going to be a multi dog home it is important that there is no fighting - i.e. no entire males !
Please e mail me if you would like to sponsor Beanie or any of the Dogs or other animals at the Sanctuary

We would love to hear from you, as Beanie has no sponsors

UPDATE March 2009 - Sadly Beanie passed away and will be missed by all of us
I was contacted in October '06 to ask if I could find him room as he was due to be put to sleep the very next day.

We had to arrange to send Beanie to the vet to check whether he would be able to be neutered as this depends on whether his internal organs are considered in good enough order to stand the anaesthetic.

What can happen with old dogs is that they survive the operation, but one of the side effects of the anaesthetic is that their organs pack up afterwards resulting in death
Beanie was however given the thumbs up & so an operation was booked in & he was neutered at a cost of £203 odd.

He had to wear a collar at first to stop him chewing the stitches out, as not only had he been neutered but a lump had also been removed.

He has coped really well and is happily settled with the rest of the gang indoors (all girls save Blind Sam.