This page was last updated on: June 30, 2012
Annushka is a 5 year old Akita who arrived at the Sanctuary on Saturday (7th November)

She had been picked up by the Dog Warden a while back, but her owners claimed her - however they threw her out again & when the Dog warden contacted them they didn't want her back because she has a lump
Annushka doesn't have any sponsors, so if you would like to be her first one please sendme a mail.

You can join the Sanctuary from as little as £2 per month & every penny will go towards the feed costs.

Thank you - woof woof !
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So, she ended up at the pound and was facing being put to sleep next week.

Fiona was asked if she would take her & she arrived on Saturday.

She is quite nervous at the moment and is passive, so will fit in with the main house gang. She came with no name and so we have called her Annushka !

She will visit the vet next week to see what can be done about the lump which looks like a mammary tumour
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Here she is with Poppy the epeleptic Staffie !