Andi - running to promote the Sanctuary
Andi, who anyone who has attended a Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary Open Day will know  is the fantastic supporter from the Happy Hamsters Catering Company who prepares all that delicious food for everyone to feast on !

Andi, inspired by Fiona's runing has taken up the sport in recent months and has worked very hard to already get up to 10K distance racing.

Andi is wearing one of the new Sanctuary T Shirts which you can buy here - along with a number with a number of other terrific designs !

It was a warm & windy day today, but Andi finished in fine style as you can see below
10K is six point 2 miles, a running distance not to be taken lightly !

Andi is quickly becoming a veteran of the racing circuit, having already completed a number of 5K races & this is his 2nd 10K !

He is doing a fantastic job in getting the Sanctuary name out there

Well done to you Andi !