Tower Hill Stables is a privately run Sanctuary set up by Fiona Oakes in 1993
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This page was last updated on: June 30, 2012
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Providing care and a home for life to over 400 rescued animals
Click on a picture to see the animals and read about their stories
Yak release "Journey of the Yak"  CD to raise funds for the Sanctuary
960 sold so far
Order Your Copy Here
Please do all your ON-LINE shopping HERE & help the animals without costing you extra !
Fiona is now a Spokesperson for IDA - In Defence of Animals
PLEASE do not ask Fiona to take any more animals in.
She is already looking after 400 on her own & gets not a penny piece for doing so.
Every month the feed bill exceeds donations by £1500.

The Sanctuary needs 200 more members if it is to carry on providing care & a home for life to all these rescued animals Click here or see the various links to help and or join
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